Meet your Fairy GOLD Mother

Meet your Fairy Gold Mother; the Inland Empire Wedding Planner!
Meet your Fairy Gold Mother; the Inland Empire Wedding Planner!
Meet your Fairy Gold Mother; the Inland Empire Wedding Planner!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mikala and I am the Owner + Head Planner & Designer of “A Golden Affair”, an Event Planning Company. We live in the greatest state ever… California! There is no argument here so do not @ me. We typically plan weddings for couples getting married in Orange County, Riverside County, or San Diego County, BUT we are passport ready and eager to plan your international wedding. I have been in love with weddings since the age of eleven when I attended my first wedding. I told my parents we should blow my college saving on an amazing sweet sixteen ( the MTV show was really popular at the time don't judge lol), but like always moms know best and found me a school where I could pursue my passion. I started “A Golden Affair” to work with couples who wanted to make their wedding not only about themselves but their new blended family. Looking for the planner that works until about 2 in the morning, shamefully will never let you buy her coffee because she too embarrassed to tell you her Starbucks order (Venti Iced Carmel Macchiato Blonde, no vanilla, 8 pumps of caramel, whole milk, upside down), would in fact actually meet you over drinks, will for sure be crying at your wedding while you dance with your dad and during all the speeches??? Then hire me!!! Let me be your Fairy GOLD Mother.

Full Name: Mikala Riań Wilson

Favorite Drink:  Whiskey Sour hold the froth

Birthday: February 26 - Yes I am a Pisces!

College: University of Nevada Las Vegas; Bachelor of Science in Meeting and Events Management. Go REBELS!

Favorite Song: Karaoke by Drake

Favorite Wedding Song: Thousand Years by Christina Perri - I know I am corny

Tattoos? Yes, 3 of them.
Lightning bolt - just… don't ask
Diamond with a 13 in the middle - I got it on Friday the 13th, it was the cool thing to do in college
“My only sunshine” from the song “You are my sunshine” my mommy has “you are my sunshine”

Favorite Color: Lavender

Favorite Wedding Color Scheme: Ultra Violet, Black, White, and Grey

Fun Fact: I will always drop whatever I am doing to do any and every line dance at your wedding!!

Pets: German Shepard we call him Trey.

One thing I can not live without: Family. "La Familia es Todo" - Breaking Bad