How to choose a Wedding Planner

Pick a number between 1 and 9, okay it's 6, go to google, type in wedding planner near me pick the 6th name down, and hire them. Okay, am I the only one who decided what they want to eat that way?

Awkward, anyways you will be spending a lot of time with your wedding planner they are you mentor through this process you must be able to trust them. In order to do that you need to interview them at your consultation. Here is a free list of questions to ask your wedding planner, I answered 3 questions off the list to give you a little taste of how we operate. We even made a printable version below, you can take it to your consultations so you don't forget what to ask them.

1. Do you typically work with the same team of vendors at every wedding?

I have a preferred vendors list of wonderful people in the industry that I've worked with before, I trust them to do a great job, and they are genuinely great people. I believe every wedding is a unique experience and needs a skill set of vendors that bring in their own style. I cannot wait for the couple that allows me to contract a ferris wheel and we create a mini amusement park in their backyard (a girl can only dream)!

2. How many hours are included in each package?

We do not have a “set” number of hours allowed for your wedding planning needs, instead, we work on a task-based system. We make sure we handle the tasks you have asked us to cover for your wedding. We feel that this system works better for us because some things at your wedding will take us a little longer than others and we do not want you to to be negatively affected because we are perfectionists.

3. Do you attend the rehearsal?

Hell Yeah! We love the rehearsal more than the wedding… when we meet for a consultation ask me why. Seriously, we attend the rehearsals so that the wedding party and family get to see our face and ask us questions. It really helps the wedding day go smoother and its one of the last chances to make sure that our couples are enjoying the moments leading up to their big day.

We can answer the other questions on the list at our in-person consultation. Click here to schedule some time with us preferably during happy hour!

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