Who Should you Hire!?

Why you should hire a "Wedding Manger" and not a "Day of" Coordinator

We get about two or three inquiries a week asking if we do “day of” coordination. With each one, we have to spend the next 5 emails going back and forth explaining that it does not exist. In a perfect world, you have a very cute wedding binder (hopefully with gold accents, lol) that you have been placing every detail for your wedding in (or, for my tech-savvy brides, a Google Drive with Excel sheets to track budgets and save copies of vendor contracts). These binders have tips on how to plan your wedding following along with a checklist and calendar. But let me honest: real life is not a cute binder. It NEVER goes according to plan. Those binders don’t have advice on how to deal with wanting to honor your biological dad who passed when you were 5 and include your stepdad who has raised you since. Or the fact that you are tired of seeing flower centerpieces but don’t know if you can afford your alternate vision. You need a fairy GOLD mother to bounce ideas off of who can make sure you aren’t forgetting anything.

Now at this point, you may be wondering “how is this not just a day of coordinator?” Well, let me tell you how!

Why you should hire a "Wedding Manger" and not a "Day of" Coordinator

With all my Wedding Planning clients, I am involved in every decision. I assist them in finding their venue, choosing ALL VENDORS, and especially helping them brainstorm how we will give their guests an unforgettable experience. I negotiate with each vendor on their behalf to help them save money and protect the security of their email inboxes, so they are not receiving emails from vendors that don’t fit their wedding day vision.

My Wedding Management couples go find their own venue and ask me if it will work with the vision they have given me. They are the ones clicking through 100’s of Instagram hashtags, the black hole that is Pinterest, finding their photographer, cake designer, stationa, and whatever other vendors to create their dream wedding day. From my cloud up above, I review each contract to make sure they are right and that there are no freak-out days before the wedding. I attend the rehearsal and am on site the ENTIRE WEDDING DAY. I reach out to all the vendors so they feel comfortable contacting me, and most importantly, I make sure my couple is living in the moment and actually experiencing their wedding day.

Okay, I know you’re probably still thinking “how is this not a day of coordinator!?” Calm down, I’m getting to that! By definition, a D.O.C. shows up the day of the wedding, is handed a timeline created by the couple, a list of vendors, and told to make it happen. Some coordinators offer “month of” services, but by that 4-week mark, it is so hard to correct any issues that are now arriving and get up to speed with the wedding vision. You need someone who has read your catering contract to know that you ordered a champagne pass and not just champagne at the bar. Or someone who knows the quickest way from the ceremony to the reception and can easily assist guests. With our Wedding Management Package, you have access to us from the day you sign the contract until the moment we get you out of the venue at the end of the night. We also take on just 12 wedding management clients a year, so we make sure each couple feels loved and knows they will have the best experience.

Now that you know the difference between Day of Coordinators, Wedding Planners, and Wedding Managers, which will you choose? HINT: it’s me!